At Weeshoff Wellness Center, we use calming and healing acupuncture therapy to treat many acute and chronic health issues. The ancient practice of Chinese Acupuncture has been used to heal acute and chronic illnesses for centuries. Chinese Acupuncture works by balancing the body's energy channels, removing obstructions and restoring the natural flow of energy with needles so small most people don't feel them.

Acupuncture is a relaxing therapy used to treat numerous ailments including:

By increasing circulation and balancing the nervous system, people with chronic pain experience immediate relief. After treatment, patients feel calm, relaxed and more balanced.

Ear seeds are often placed at the end of the treatment to continue the therapeutic benefit long after you've left the office.

The doctor will often make naturopathic recommendations as well to enhance your treatment. Patients will feel improvement in as little as one treatment! Call 480-883-8160 to schedule your first appointment at our Chandler office.