HCG Weight Loss Programs

For patients who have struggled with losing weight and have at least 10 pounds to lose, our HCG weight loss program may be right for you. Through our 3 and 6 week HCG weight loss programs, patients can lose up to a pound a day. The effects of HCG help you keep the weight off during your maintenance period. You'll lose unwanted fat while maintaining muscle mass, decrease hunger cravings while you diet and you won't regain the weight once the diet is over.*

With our affordable and complete, physician supervised weight loss program, patients are able to reduce their blood pressure and diabetes medications and often go off of them completely. Patients cholesterol, blood sugar, blood pressure and kidney function labs improve remarkably and their arthritis, fatigue, insomnia and acid reflux improve or are gone completely!

Our Weight Loss Program- Sublingual or Injectible HCG

At your first appointment we will go over your lab work, medical history and physical exam, to be sure HCG is right for you. Then you will receive sublingual HCG or HCG injections, dietary recommendations and appropriate supplementation for this six week weight loss program. You will receive recipes, meal plans and options for pre-made meals.

With weekly follow ups you'll receive Lipo/MIC B12 injections, acupuncture seeds and help with any questions you may have. Each week the doctor will make sure you're feeling great, having good weight loss and help you with anything else you need.

Please call the office to sign up, learn more or schedule a free consultation, 480-883-8160. In 6 weeks our patients lose 18-35 pounds with men often losing more!

*The FDA does not consider HCG to be a weight loss medication.