Chelation and Environmental Detox

In today's world we are bombarded daily by toxic chemicals, from the exhaust we breath on the roads, the cleaning products we use in our homes, the solvents on our furniture and the chemicals in our food. Unfortunately these chemicals can disrupt our immune system, causing allergies and asthma, our endocrine system, causing hormone imbalances and infertility and even our nervous system, causing headaches and neuropathy. Dr. Weeshoff can help you assess if these toxins are adversely affecting your health.

Chelation Therapy

Small regular exposures to heavy metals will store in the body and can eventually add up to a toxic burden.

Toxic burden of metals like lead and mercury can increase your risk of osteoporosis, heart disease and nervous system disorders. We are happy to test your levels of toxic metals to see if they may be affecting your health. When these metals reach toxic levels, Dr. Weeshoff may recommend simple supplementation and dietary changes, oral chelation or IV chelation. Your treatment plan will depend on your health history and individual needs.


A cleanse that's tailored specifically to you!

Through boosting the liver detoxification pathways and following a cleansing diet you can help reduce your toxic load, heal your digestive tract, improve energy, reduce inflammation, balance your hormones and improve chronic health problems. Dr. Weeshoff will create a cleansing program to meet your specific needs.